"My wife and I were having terrible and hurtful arguments that nearly ruined our marriage. Thanks to the intervention of Dr. James, we've both been able to effectively and lovingly communicate with each other."

"I've had a hard time getting over infidelity that took place in a past relationship. Since then, I feel as if I've been taking out my resentment and anger on others. It got to the point where I realized I couldn't handle this situation by myself anymore. Millicent gave me some very good, solid advice in how to cope with my feelings."

"I don't know what the cause is but I've always struggled with anxiety--whether it's taking an exam, going on an interview, taking a road test, going to meetings. I'm anxious all the time. People would just tell me "stop". But it's not like I can just tell myself to stop and it goes away. I decided to seek professional help. A fellow church member referred me to Bro & Sis James. It's been one of the best decisions I've ever made. I never thought that counseling would be help me with this issue."

"There are all sorts of articles online about how to manage stress. Some sort of helped but it's not until I spoke with Ms. James that I can say that I'm now totally in control."

"I grew up in a pretty abusive household and it's impacted me more than I once wanted to admit. Dr. James listened to everything I had to say and had lots of words of wisdom for me. He was very empathetic and caring. I'd recommend him to anyone going through personal battles."

"I've known Dr James personally and professionally for well over 20 years and he's a true example of a kind, caring, gentle soul." 

"Dr. James greatly helped me with a personal issue that I've been battling for many years.  I've come to realize I'm not the only man with this issue and it's better to seek professional help than keep it to yourself. Biblical-based counseling is what helped me and I'm sure it can do wonders for others as well." 

"Ms. Millicent is one of a kind. I was referred to her through a coworker. I didn't even know Christian counseling was a thing but all the advice she gave me--and how she broke it down--it makes so much sense."

"I myself am not a practicing Christian.  Not sure if I believe in God or not sometimes. But I'm an open-minded person either way.  I did a number of sessions with CIC and I didn't feel like they were trying to convert me or be preachy or anything like that.  They let me talk out my problems.  They heard me out without coming off judgmental.  I'm very happy I have someone I can at least talk to and if nothing else, them hearing me out meant the world to me." 

"I was concerned about the hefty price that usually accompanies professional therapy but they were extremely understanding about my situation and worked with me.  I think their rate was reasonable and considering there isn't an abundance of options out there for professional counseling from a Biblical/Christian stance, I think this is a rare gem." 

"I didn't even know the Bible had so much to say about parenthood, or conflict, or communication, or responsibility, or any of these things. I received a WEALTH of information and suggestions that have completely improved my life."

"I've been able to cope with loss thanks to Bro. James. Thank you."

"I want to take this time out to personally thank Bro and Sis James for all their hard work. Our family found out about their services through a friend of a friend.  Keep up the good work!"

We are always happy to hear from our past clients. If you'd like to share your testimony and have it anonymously posted on our website, please contact us.

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